Listen to JUNGLEWAVE by $noregazZzm.

An atheist’s prayer to someone else’s god.

The Stalker song, as recorded by Rohan!

Finally there’s a decent recording of “Closer”

Rohan recorded and mixed my Viaduct song:

A song called Really Well, recorded Easter Monday with Rohan

twentysevenangels said: hi Silke. Is this interactivity something you'd recommend for using Tumblr? I don't know much about it. At the moment my theme doesn't offer comments etc. Is that something that I can add to my current theme, or would I need to find a different theme if I wanted it? cheers :) Dan

Hi Dan, 

I’m hardly ever actually here so I wouldn’t even be able to answer your question - I think some themes come with comment feature, some don’t. Not even sure if mine does!


kimbklyn said: Holy fuzz. Why did we choose the same tumblr template? In other words, why are we so darn awesome?

Hi Kim,

only just saw your message! :D We are, aren’t we :D

(Facebook spat out a face from ages ago, said friend from the tweet below. He’s always been so nice to me, so cool to find him!)